In an effort to make a positive difference around the world, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of any travel, landscape or nature prints go to support good charitable causes around the world.  As a photographer, Marla is passionate about the environment, conservation and cultural issues.  

When you purchase a wall art print from our Etsy Shop, you are benefiting our environment, cultural challenges in communities, animal conservation, climate change, disaster relief and children around the world. 

We support the following organizations, which are all "A" rated charities by  


Since the start of the project, "Photographs For A Cause", we have been able to:


  • Sponsor a child each month in Africa.

  • Contribute to Covid-19 communities hit hard by the virus.

  • Sponsor an elephant in an animal sanctuary. 

  • Buy books for kids in Africa.

  • Buy a bike each year for a child in Cambodia.

  • Donate to the Boys & Girls Club in America.

  • Contribute to fresh water in communities in need.

  • Help medical workers reach communities around the world.

  • Contribute to conservation effort to our oceans, rivers and beaches.

  • Help feed children in America and around the world.

  • Donate to the well-being of the homeless in America.

  • Contribute to civil rights and communities working for equality.

  • Help our veterans and their families.

  • Assist in the well-being of dogs, pets and other animals in the Humane Society.

  • Help the Red Cross with disaster relief.

  • Contribute to the awareness of suicide prevention.

  • Help maintain our National Parks. 

  • Contribute to Jane Goodall's Chimpanzee conservation project.

Help us continue to make a difference by purchasing a print from our Etsy Shop!

Doctors Without Borders
Grandfather Playing Game With Granddaugh
Group of Children.jpg
Boys & Girls Club
Selective focus. hands poor child beggin
World Vision
Male Beggar In Hood Showing Seeking Huma
Alliance For Homelessness
a very young girl student in the school
Asia Foundation
River flowing to the horizon in Venezuel
Amazon Team
Grand Canyon
National Parks Association
Group if young African kids walking with
Plastic Pollution In Ocean - Turtle Eat
Elephants in Chiang Mai. Elephant Nature
Elephant Nature Park
A polar bear walks across an ice floe ne
Wildlife Conservation
Hungry child with big clear eyes eating
Feed My Starving Children
mercy, two hands silhouette on sky backg
Suicide Prevention
Frontal Portrait of a Young Chimpanzee R
Red Cross
Beautiful autumn scene of Hintersee lake
Save The Children.jpg
Save The Children
Books For Africa.jpg
Books For Africa
Sailing down river amidst the Amazon Jun
Rainforest Alliance
Angkor wat girl sitting on a stone pilla
Cambodian Children's Fund
Dog in animal shelter.jpg
Humane Society
Veteran Memorial Service
Wounded Warriors Project
Vervet Monkey
World Wildlife

"Philanthropy is not about the money. It's about using whatever resources you have at your fingertips

 and applying them to improving the world."   Melinda Gates

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