Over the past 35 years, I have bought and sold equipment ranging from film, medium format, DSLR to mirrorless.  Today, this is the camera gear that gives me the best results for what I need.  As a photographer, I like to print large photographs.  The Nikon D850 is my choice for giving me a large file size and flexibility in the field.

When I'm not carrying all of the DSLR gear, my camera of choice is the Leica Q.


These are the lenses that I use in the field and travel.  Depending on the subject and scene, I will choose between the 17-35mm wide angle, 24-70mm and the 70-200mm zoom lens.


These are my favorite camera backpacks/bags.  If I'm hiking or shooting landscapes, the Lowepro works great.  If I'm in the city shooting in a more formal setting, the India bag is my choice.

Printers & Papers

I love to print my images.  I do most of my printing in my home studio and love the results I get from Epson.

Computers & Accessories

I choose Lightroom Classic and Photoshop from Adobe for post processing.  I also enjoy using NIX software and Topaz Suite 2 for creative developing.   

I am also a fan of Lacie and My Book Hard Drives, Apple Computers and Sony/SanDisk USB Cards.

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