Frequently Asked Questions

✦  Did you capture these photographs?

Yes, these are all original photographs taken by me.  

✦  What camera do you use?

I am currently shooting with the Canon R5, Leica Q, and the Ricoh GR iii.  The Canon is my workhorse 45mp camera that I use to capture landscapes and most travel shots.  I use the Leica Q and Ricoh GR iii when I am shooting street photography.  

✦ How did you learn photography?

I started in photography over 30 years ago by taking some college courses.  Since that time, I have attended workshops in Italy and in North America.  I love to study the works of great photographers and artists.  I am self-taught through books, online courses, and I consider myself a life-long learner.

✦  Who prints your work?

For years I have printed my own photographs using professional Epson printers.    Due to my travel schedule, I have recently started using a professional lab out of Southern California.  Everything sold on my site is now created by a professional photo lab.   

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