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Photography is my journey of discovery. I am always wondering, seeking, looking, and questioning to understand people and the world better.

With my camera, I can capture moments before they are gone. I can journey into my own world of discovery. It is my way to unfold the mysteries and magical moments of life. Looking back at my photographs allows me time for contemplation.


I am a native of the Pacific Northwest from a small town outside of Seattle, Washington. I was fortunate to grow up in nature running through trails, playing in the streams, and discovering the Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. I guess you could say nature is a large part of who I am.

Through the years, I have learned photography by studying the works of great photographers and artists. I have attended workshops and classes in Europe, and North America.


Today, my goal is to create photographs and record our earth's natural treasures, landscapes, and cultures as an inspiration for all that are working to preserve them.

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